social media marketing a powerful journey to success

By | April 12, 2018

social media marketing a powerful journey to success



social media marketing

social media marketing


Social media marketing is the best ranking tool in the field of business.

as it directly deals with the portion of the customers for the online social media users in the world.





social media marketing What actually is?


First of all, Social media marketing is the sub content or division of digital marketing

The promotion of services and the product provided by an organization through social networking sites or social networking web

As we know that all these social sites gift Acer feature that can be social update status update

What is that can be in the form of a story update

Twitter case individual a chance to share short messages or update with others follow list.

Facebook provides a long-range informal communication that considers sharing updates photograph joining occasions and an assortment of different exercises or practices

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

I hope now you must be aware of social media marketing, finally I am going to tell you why it is so powerful

now I’m gonna tell you the


  • fact 1. 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites.






top 5 online free courses to start learning social media marketing



most of all, it is not possible to get the attention of thousands of people at one place but it is possible through the social media networking sites,

If you want to improve your social media skills and want to start a new career in social media, then this all courses will help you to get done, and started the ropes. Seems like, this all courses will help you to get Aware learn and get started Hence you can maximize your profit and your knowledge




1.How to build an audience  ( social media )



build an audience

build an audience



Since this social media course, it from Canvas network has ended but you can still sign up and get accessibility.

You can read the available modules, assignments, and videos.

The main motive of this course is usually to Increase the focus towards the available social media platform,  to engage in social conversations different social topics,

therefore, in this social media course, you will definitely learn about the tools like block, podcast spectra. And you can learn thought to establish. And learn the way of implementing leadership on them.






2. Quintly’s Social Media Analytics Course



Quintly's Social Media Analytics Course

Quintly’s Social Media Analytics Course





It is a basic social  f media course from Quickly Academy

It covers the basic principle of social media analytics both for beginners or for the market 

If they want to refresh their knowledge if you successfully completed the course then they provide you with a Digital Certificate. It makes easy for you to check the bank marking of your competitors and shows you the way to improve that similar benchmarking of yours.

They also have it also help you to track and Pen down the performance on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter. You can also improve your social media campaigns and help you to create the content that is most profitable for your business and help for growing your online audience.



  • fact 1. Of the 7.2 billion people on earth, 3 billion have Internet access; 2.1 billion are active on social media; and 1.7 billion use social networks from a mobile device






3. Writing web content



Writing web content

Writing web content



Many bloggers find it  very helpful course

You can explore writing styles, web design, the structure that can grab and engages the attention of your online readers

It is about the understanding the difference between writing for print process writing for the web.

Although, this course teaches all the necessary structure to fulfill the needs of online readers. you can learn all this thing with the instructor Frankie Madden.

Frankie Madden is a senior User experience consultant at Stamford interactive.

Her works are talking to people about how they want to use website right way whether it may be a promotion.



  • fact 2. The average social media user maintains five accounts.





4. Social Media Courses on GFC Learn Free


Social Media Courses on GFC Learn Free

Social Media Courses on GFC Learn Free


It provides short and bald structure courses at on topics in social media, blogging and how to use a technological tool like WhatsApp and meetup

Therefore, all you need is to set up your profile and start sharing content using popular networking sites.



  • fact 3.Mothers with children under the age of five are the most active on social media.







5.Social Media Marketing: How to Profit in a Digital World



How to Profit in a Digital World

How to Profit in a Digital World



while this is new online social media course from Northwestern University

It is intended for entrepreneurs, administrator and Advertising experts. Because they need to build up a web-based social networking method to develop their brand

It consists of 6 social media courses that must complete the project that helps you apply what you have learned.

And give the certificate oh the bonus card from Northwestern University to highlight your new skill on your resume for LinkedIn.







#There are numbers of #affiliate programs that can also help y0uImage result for affiliate marketing

to get more advanced and aware !!!!!!


social media marketing strategiesImage result for Social media marketing strategies

For Social Media Friend 2018 which you should add to your marketing strategy which is given by the top ten Social Media Specialist.

Every brand Tries to get our attention in one way or another way at the different level of social Platform. It is becoming very much harder for a brand to catch a attention to increase its competitiveness.

Every day near about 300 feet of content was scrolled down. Through which brand tries to increase competition. I am providing us text products information through that 300 feet content window box.

1.Create Goals that you want to surpass    

Image result for Goals

According to some statics, people who write down their goals are 30 times more successful, people with the goals in mind 10 times successful compared to people with no goal.

The first step is to understand what you want out of your effort. In addition, social media planning should be looked at like cooking your favourite dish.  putting all the ingredients and following a recipe exclusion mark but that’s not all always the case.

That’s why it is very important to create your goals at first before your strategy.

Starting with the goal that is attainable for you, after that you can think of creating a new one so that that doesn’t seem any big hurdle for you.

In this way every time when you finished up to achieving your goal.  every time you got the feeling of happiness which is equal to your effort.

This way you are more likely to stick to your original plan you continue on another goal as new hurdles as you can complete old one. That’s why the brand Should never take on every social media channel possible for their Current marketing strategy. 

simplicity at its best. Try to select the channels that have most important based on your brand’s goal

This goal of social media Agencies can be anything for the betterment of the company.

 Possible goals are listed below

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Higher quality and quantity of sale
  • Creation of fan base loyal relationship
  • Crossing previous profit chart
  • Better pulse on the industries

2.Believe in daily research your social media audience

Image result for daily research your social media audience

Understanding your audience helps you to know who buys your product.

It also helps you know which type of people are interested in your product. With the better knowledge of your audience, you can easily upgrade.

First of all your brand should look up in the demographics of your most valuable social channels. As I mentioned before, that you should have a goal workable with their strategy.

This is why you need that channel which correlates or suits the best with their goals.

  • Facebook’s most popular demographics include:
    • Women users (89%)
    • 18-29-year-olds (88%)
    • Urban- and rural-located users (81% each)
    • Those earning less than $30,000 (84%)
    • Users with some college experience (82%)
  • Instagram’s most popular demographics include:
    • Women users (38%)
    • 18-29-year-olds (59%),
    • Urban-located users (39%)
    • Those earning less than $30,000 (38%)
    • Users with some college experience (37%)
  • Twitter’s most popular demographics include:
    • Women users (25%)
    • 18-29-year-olds (36%)
    • Urban-located users (26%)
    • Those earning $50,000-$74,999 (28%)
    • Users with college experience or more (29%)
  • LinkedIn’s most popular demographics include:
    • Men users (31%)
    • 18-29-year-olds (34%)
    • Urban-located users (34%)
    • Those earning $75,000 or more (45%)
    • Users with college experience or more (50%)
  • Snapchat and other auto-delete app’s most popular demographics include:
    • Men users (24%)
    • 18-29-year-olds (56%)
    • Those earning less than $50,000 (27%)
    • Users with some college experience (27%)

Customer demographics identificationImage result for customer demographics social marketing

Demographic data allows you take inside your social media channel, what about your own customers? You can fully do the analysis so that you can truly know your customer demographics on social media.

That’s why all brand uses social media dashboard just to take an overview of their followers.

How their followers interact with them on their channels.

Every brand is using its own dashboard.

Sprout Social provides an in-depth and essential the demographic data on your social network that helps you identify your customers.

4. Establish Your Most Important MetricsImage result for Establish Your Most Important Metrics social media marketing

Targeting social media metrics may be the most important steps of your strategy. Vanity metrics like follower count and likes are always good to measure, but does it tell you the whole story of your brand on social media?

Engagement metrics sometimes predict a better image. Because as we mentioned that the content which is likeable is the most and absolutely great but some metrics are you want to change in 2018.

Reach: how far is a content is been spreading across? That is an important aspect.

Does it actually reach user feeds?

Clicks: the total clicks on your content company name or logo. Tracking of links usually tells us that what drives a user to buy the product and also shows the movement through our marketing funnel

Engagement:  number of social interaction divided by the number of impressions. Good engagement, this sheds light on how well your audience is been performing and their willingness to interact.

#performance: do you use the hashtag on your website? Which hashtag deals with your breath? For which hashtag helps you the most to create the work engagement for your brand.

Sentiment:  this is generally reaction of your user towards your content and brand.  is it better to go inside and find out what peoples are saying?

Knowing about that type of sentiment user are associating help us a lot.

Organic and paid likes: paid likes or organic content or something just more standard then like. For a channel engagement is much harder to gain, that’s why many brands use Facebook Ads also Instagram organic likes isn’t difficult as it looks.

4. Engage with the audience (ignorance  is a big mistake):

Image result for Engage with the audience and users

Try to engage with your user this will have to gain their opinion rightful and profitable for your brand.  social media generally based network, with the main purpose to convert different topics and different and shared content.

Your brand couldn’t afford core element of networking.

You can get the image of a brand easily through social media only stay present in the market.                                     Image result for Engage with the audience

That’s why social customer care is also important and plays important role in awareness, through talking to your audience. It’s all the trick of engagement.

Seamless:  show the perfect example of not only Responding but showing customers care a priority. instances all across your channel respond internet and service enquiries designing your team into the group with its specific task can help you to work like well oiled social media team or healthy planners with their work 


Post at the best time to engage Image result for Post at the best time to engage

First of all, set up a particular time telling user availability of engaging and interactive.

Try to post at the recommended time or prefer time? So that easy availability of your brand for engaging and interaction

The wait expectation time of a user is 4 hour.

And the average brand response time is 10 hour.


5. Track Your Efforts & Always Improve

Image result for audience growth

Without tracking you will never come to know about all the effort by you and buy your all associate.

It is simple I can view from the top and shows all your efforts and your all social media activity from which you can improve next time.

You can also see the audience growth for the audience per day gained.

In fact, 46 % of marketers are not sure about their strategy and things, does their strategy gonna create revenue for the brand? But marketers always try and look for the perfect connection. That’s why the most used commonly metric by the market as his engagement

If you work for the long-lasting relationship, there are many rooms for successive but no room for failure  with your social media marketing strategy

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