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Color your hair without all the mess

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky
August 14 2011

Clairol Nice N Easy Foam Color

As a woman in my 60’s I consider hair color one of life’s little blessings; gray just doesn’t look good in my strawberry blonde locks. However one of the things I hate about having to color my hair is the mess it makes, especially on my skin and clothing, as standard liquid hair colors often drip and run.

Clairol, the premiere name in hair color, has attempted to solve that issue with its new Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam. It promises easy hair color without all the mess, but does it deliver?

According to Clairol all you have to do is “mix the color with three easy shakes, foam it on and then love the results”. While Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam is easy, it’s a bit more difficult than that. It took more than three shakes to blend my color, and I found the foam a little more liquid than I anticipated. It wasn’t fluffy and white like the commercials, instead the color was more orange and the foam wasn’t luxurious at all. However, it kept one promise – it didn’t drip.

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On the positive side, Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam was very easy to apply. It spread easily in my hair and offered a nice, even coverage. The advised timing was correct too; the whole process was done in less than 30 minutes.

On the negative side, there aren’t as many shades to choose from with Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam. Clairol’s regular Nice ‘N Easy offers many more. Unfortunately, the new hair color only comes in the following shades:

  • Light blonde
  • Medium ash blonde
  • Medium champagne blonde
  • Medium blonde
  • Dark blonde
  • Medium golden blonde
  • Light ash brown
  • Light brown
  • Light golden brown
  • Lightest golden brown
  • Medium ash brown
  • Medium brown
  • Medium golden brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black
  • Light auburn
  • Medium reddish brown
  • Dark reddish brown

There were no red-blonde shades available to match my strawberry hair, so I had to go golden blonde, which made me slightly unhappy with the finished results. It just wasn’t my true shade.

While I love the texture of this product as well as the way it covers and colors, the lack of color options is a problem, meaning I can’t give Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam five stars at this time. Hopefully, Clairol will expand its color options in the future so that everyone can enjoy using this product.


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