Pokemon Go Zapdos Day Shiny – Start time, Raid news for big event

Pokemon Go Zapdos Day Shiny – Start time, Raid news for big event


Pokemon Go Zapdos shiny Day
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Greatest of All, pokemon player get a wonderful chance of catching a legendary pokemon during Pokemon Go Zapdos Day event.

although this is special that many trainers do not during this event, they have the chance to get the shiny version of the of the Legendary bird. This special timed event will give Trainers a chance at catching a shiny version of the Legendary bird, which isn’t something many have.

The Pokemon Go Zapdos Day is coming to the UK in a few hours, after launch at many other territories of the world

Fans will have around three hours to nab a special Zapdos, although trainers should be warned that there is no guarantee of catching a shiny.

Fans reported during the earlier Articuno Day that grabbing a shiny version didn’t offer the highest odds, although many did report catching one.

However, Niantic may have changed things a little since that time, so have boosted the chance of trainers finding might one easy.

For those wondering about the exact times, it has been confirmed that Zapdos Day will run for three hours, happy news for fans much like Community Days.



Pokemon Go Zapdos Day Timings:-


Here’s when you’ll want to show up:

Asia/Pacific: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

JST. Europe, the Middle East, Africa

India: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. UTC.





Pokemon Go Zapdos Day Extra bonus news 

 Photo Disk at a Gym pokemon go
Photo Disk at a Gym pokemon go source reddit


Different rewards from Zapdos Day incorporate getting up to five free Raid passes when you rotate a Photo Disk at a Gym, too at present dynamic Candy rewards for getting Pokémon and Hatching Eggs.



It ought to likewise be noticed that all Zapdos Pokemon discovered amid that day and age will know the Fast Attack Thundershock.



The same number of fans will definitely know Zapdos will be accessible to fight in uncommon rec center assaults being facilitated amid the occasion.



So there’s bounty to consider when assembling your group before everything commences toward the beginning of today.

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