how to make money from website freely and live independent

By | March 30, 2018

how to make money from website freely and

live independent

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Making money from home is not a myth,many peoples in the world already started it and some were millionaire right now her i’ll discuss about some ways from that only can earn from website. how to make money from website freely and live independent

There are many and suitable  ways you can use to make money online in this century. The truth is that making money online is not as difficult or complicated as most people seems it.if you have the right knowledge and direction it’ll be easy for you . it doesn’t require any hard work ,sure without hard work you find  every possible work of earning difficult and hard to deal with,how to make money from website freely and live independent

if you tried to find out different ways or usually spend your net time in searching the ways or the right direction then you may possibly at right article,I will discuss and tell you the best and legitimate ways to earn money online from your website or from internet in 2018.

how to make money from website freely and live independent

following ways are listed below

you scrol down to find which one is suitable for you

  1. becoming a virtual assistant

virtual assistant is one works for for an entrepreneur as a part time,people hire Virtual assistants that can work for them part time and charge only for the duration they work under their authority . So if an Entrepreneur needs an assistant only for an hour’s work on a daily basis, he can easily save huge money as he only have to pay for 30 hours a month instead of the monthly salary, you can works an virtual assistant and earn some bugs

Since virtual assistants works from a fixed or remote location, people from countries with costly manpower or fame can easily hire freelancers from India

being a freelancer as can more profit from working under multiple client and charging higher hourly costs  then you earn from regular based salary works

2.making money from testing websites and their different application


there are many websites servers and websites which offers you earn from testing the website and their application

For  testing different website and application, you need to do is turn on screen recorder software on your computer which is normally provided by the websites. after that you have to use your mic to verbally review the website or application for their provided various features that allow us to browse directly from our computers

companies that provides such jobs  Usertesting, Ubertesters, and Testingbirds etc,you can search it on internet as

testing websites and their different application



3 works for fiver 

you can directly sells yours own productive images on internet such as fiver offer you this kind of services and you can also create gigs which the peoples that what you are willing to do for 5 dollars

this work can be anything from professional to non professional ,blowing ballon for someone,painting

everything that you are really want to offer


4. works as an affiliate(promoting products )

best way to earn from website is being a affiliate for a brands or products

its consist of promoting products ,for every single sales directed from your website,you gets a commission for that

for more information about it you can my affiliate program article


5. micro jobs

Micro Jobs website pays you for commutual some simple tasks like sign-ups to websites, commenting on blogs, Facebook sharing, Tweeting or retweeting, award advice on the internet, classifying articles etc.

Pay ante for such jobs are reasonable, and you can calmly complete these jobs allotment time, forth with your approved jobs.

Since Micro Jobs do not crave any abilities except basal ability of internet, they are ideal for acceptance and home-making women to advance their charge less time effectively.

6. online teachers or tutorials

If you are a able abecedary or accept acceptable ability of a subject, you can accomplish money by teaching online.

There are abounding websites area you can annals to advise online. The accepted ones a part of the are Tutor and Chalkstreet

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 lets quickly recap of all

  • becoming a virtual assistant
  • making money from testing websites and their different application
  • works for fiver 
  • works as an affiliate(promoting products)
  • micro jobs
  • online teachers or tutorials




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