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By | June 3, 2018

Health Importance Never Works Out the Way You Plan




why is health important?

why health is important ?



Every night, before going to bed we always think of doing and adding couples of health things and activities  Health Importance

in our daily life but!

Do we really implement that? Health Importance

The answer is simple and secures a big “no”! Do you ever try to know why? or what are the reasons for making yourself not the habit of it or just not even tried! today we are going to discuss it and solve for Why Your Health Importance Never Works Out the Way You Plan? Health Importance!!




Causes of Health Importance Never Works Out the Way You Plan



If we talk about the causes that let us never attain the stage of health we want! can be many 


1.unhealthy eating


Unhealthy Eating

Unhealthy Eating


It deals with the habit of eating unhealthy foods. Most of their diet comprises fast foods and processed foods. They are constantly gorging on burgers, pizzas, sweets and carbonated drinks. They are deprived of nutrition that a good diet of homemade foods, vegetables and fruits provides.

  • Family not eating meals together
  • Poor eating habits modeled by parents|are takers
  • Lack of knowledge about what is healthy to eat
  • Busy schedule
  • Extreme amounts of traveling
  • Lack of desire to eat healthily
  • Poverty
  • Depression and other emotional extremes





2.Lack of physical activity


Most of us nowadays are not getting enough physical activity and the results are disastrous. Children spend most of their time hooked to their smartphones, playing games, watching TV or surfing the net and Men’s are usually busy in business or jobs, As a result, their health suffers.

Different exercises help us to attain the greater level of fitness. Exercises also assist with the improvement of physical fitness, which consists of five specific components:

-Cardiorespiratory fitness

-Muscular strength fitness

-Muscular endurance fitness

-Flexibility fitness

-Body composition





3.Poor Sleep


if you wake up tired and spend the day longing for a chance to have a nap, it’s likely that you’re not getting enough can a battery be long lasting without fully charged! In the same way, our body works all day and producing the output of the work. A variety of factors can cause poor sleep, including health conditions such as sleep apnoea  But in most cases, it’s due to bad sleeping habits.


Benefits| plus points of proper sleep

  1. Sleep boosts immunity
  2. Increases sex drive

  3. Mental wellbeing improvement

  4. Diabetes protection                                                                                                                                                        
  5. Prevents heart diseases





4.Lack of knowledge


Lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge


In this, there is lack of knowledge about the healthy food and what exactly would be good for our health.

people don’t give values to healthy foods.




Importance of Healthy Eating Habits


Eating a healthy diet is far from simple, simply because humans are very complex beings. We may have it in the back of our minds that we are eating to fuel our bodies, but we actually make the majority of our food choices based on their enjoyment factor. 




Why should I make Healthy eating habits?


Basic purpose o human body is to provide nutrients to its parts and organs, for greater intake of food nutrients we need to eat healthy foods. We can not fulfill that with burgers, pizzas etc to stay dit and for a long time to provide full nutrients to the body, we need to take only healthy food. The basic need for food is pretty simple and could be compared to putting gas in your car. If you put the right fuel into your car, it will spring to life with a single turn of the key and run smoothly for many years, but if you put soda pop and sugar in your gas tank, it’s going to ruin your car.




Factors and important (Requires for health importance)


  1. Public cleanliness so as to avoid accumulation of garbage, blocking of drainage, open and stagnant water, etc. which may increase the chances of poor health.
  2. Supply of balanced diet for good health as it is essential for the normal body functioning, growth, and development of the body.
  3. Good economic conditions and good purchasing powers increase the chances of good health.
  4. Personal hygiene which includes self-cleanliness by developing clean habits.
  5. Regular exercise and yoga which keeps the body and mind fit by improving blood circulation, opening sweat pores, reducing tension etc.
  6. Relaxation by regular, adequate and undisturbed sleep which improves capacity to work.
  7. Healthy habits and avoiding the addiction because the surveys and statistics have revealed that drug and alcohol abuse has been on the rise especially among the youth.
  8. Awareness about diseases and their effect on different functions, Vaccination (immunization) against infectious diseases, proper disposal of wastes, control of vectors etc., are necessary for achieving good health. 






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