Google Ranking Keywords checking online with top awesome websites

Google Ranking Keywords  checking online with top awesome websites


Today we are going to tell you guys to find your Google ranking keyword for target keywords which are extremely important for blogger (like me ) and SEO specialist.

Major problem is that many publishers publish their blog without targeting any keywords which result in their low visitor’s effects.

Google  Ranking Keywords checking online with top awesome websites

It is very important to have a bit of keyword research before publishing something. ranking keywords help more.

It is not a difficult task to find such ranking words for your blogs. I am going to tell you about this funda

also ranking keywords is important as they have higher CPC helps you in better earning from google adsense



why keyword searching



why keyword searching
why keyword searching



  1. It expands your promotion income
  2. improves your site movement
  3. It builds your general site deals
  4. It increases you to locate the best performing catchphrases
  5. You can without much of a stretch find your nearby rivals and significantly more

Lists of Websites for Finding Ranking Keywords and Profitable words finder

kw finder
kw finder


It is an amazing website for finding ranking keywords related to your content topic or index. you can easily check, it is free for one-time use but you need to sign in and its absolutely free, after you logged in.

you will get 5 searches per day and you can see the ranking of specific words and CPC gave on it.


2. SEMrush

I personally use SEMrush a lot of times here on my blog and a solid reason behind this. it is a smartest and better among all, I’ll tell you why



SEMrush is an across the board SEO instrument that causes you to do the accompanying.

  • Encourages you to discover the movement of any site
  • Help locate the best performing catchphrases of your rivals
  • Causes you break down the backlinks
  • can do a competitor’s examination
  •  allow us for advertiser research or inquire
  • You can find out the high paying keywords or watchwords
  •  discover and settle your site issues and
  •  track every one of the watchwords that you are focusing on Google


3. Moz Rank Tracker


If you blogger or have your website then you may have heard effectively about Moz. It is one of the very legitimate web journals on SEO.

They likewise have mind-blowing SEO apparatuses and items that assistance you help your hunt rankings.

They have an apparatus called Moz Rank Tracker which encourages you to track every one of the watchwords on Google.

Their instruments get the most recent data from web crawlers for every one of the catchphrases you are focusing on.


Moz Rank Tracker
Moz Rank Tracker


4. Ahref

I’m really content with SEMrush, yet in the event that I ever need to supplant it with whatever else, it will be Ahrefs.

This one is stacked with huge amounts of extraordinary highlights.

It naturally identifies what catchphrase your site is positioning for and you can indicate positioning in light of nation.




5. Moonsy

One of my most loved destinations to check Google keywords rankings.

This isn’t just a free apparatus however it gives you awesome data about following your keywords on web crawlers like Google truly precisely.

Alexa rank, space specialist, page expert and so on. Every one of these devices can be effortlessly gotten to from their site you can check your keywords or watchword rankings as well as you can discover other critical site measurements like area age, Alexa rank, space specialist, page expert and so on. Every one of these devices can be effortlessly gotten to from their site




6. SERPWatcher


I’m a great fan of SEO devices offered by Mongols as they work extraordinary and offers awesome UI. SERPWatcher is the most recent expansion which let you track keyword position for any space.

You can rack catchphrase position in light of Geolocation and device.

SERP’s additionally has an amazing keyword rank check device to effectively check all your Google catchphrase rankings.

Essentially enter your keyword alongside your space name and pick the web crawler (counting the area) to know your keyword rankings.



7. Google Rank Checker

It is an amazing helper for bloggers like us and is a great utility which helps users track keyword positioning in Google search engine results.

to use this, you simply put in the keyword along with the website. it will show you the position of that specific keyword in Google that you entered for your searching


Google Rank Checker
Google Rank Checker


as I mentioned earlier that searching is one of the most important before publishing something

next time before printing your hands just remember this all and see out the results


now let’s have a quick recall


  • kw finder
  • SEMrush
  • Moz Rank Tracker
  • Ahrefs
  • Moonsy
  • SERPWatcher
  • Google Rank Checker





hope this will help you

thank you!

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