Google Pose Matching Machine Experiment Throw Some Shape

By | July 21, 2018

Google Pose Matching Machine Learning Experiment Throw Some Shape


Google Pose Matching Machine Experiment Throw Some ShapeGoogle Pose Matching Machine

It’s been too amazing to hear of new Google Pose Matching Machine that actually shows you

your similar matches pose images over the world at the same instant. The Google Pose Matching Machine amazed, telling us moving to impossibilities.

Obviously, weird to get know that they use 17 body parts points at the same instant and uses this information.

to generate the exact same result of displaying similar poses images from over the 80000 images all over the internet.


Check out!




Google Pose Matching Machine And How  Does it work!


Google announced about this in their Google Blog, named for this project is “Move Mirror“.

It can be used through your webcam and with just a web browser.

Basically, Google Pose Matching Machine Experiment is all about matching your real-time pose to the image of the person with the similar pose at the same instant.


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Google Pose Matching Machine Experiment

  • Focus 17 main body points.
  • Match users’ poses to a similar picture over 80,000 the web.
  • Direct results on the website
  • No Privacy concern


Poses has not taken as a pillar to creating this new of joining peoples together.



Google Pose Matching Machine Guarantees ous over the privacy


None of our images are directly uploaded to the server, it just on browser performing feature with the 100% guarantee of user image privacy, so direct fear about our image on the page.


How Can You Enjoy This Google Pose Matching Machine?

Head directly over the official site of good ” Move Mirror “. You can try out the different poses with your webcam after you allow the web pages to direct access to your webcam, and that’s it. Done!

If you want to stay up to date with similar experiments, come over to the official Google experiment site.

Although from reports, it has been confirmed that it helps in the future with augmented reality, animation and also within the fitness industry and field.


Interested in the history of quirky experiments of Google experiment site, still find it difficult

Mixlab is well worth trying.



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