GM Diet plan and Wonder Soups 2018 for Heavy Weight loss in 7 days



Before making yourself into half a losing of you pounds of weight

You need to know what actually GM Diet is?

General Motors (GM diet) diet plan has been discovered and used since 1985 it was originally developed by General Motors, along with the food and drug administration and in the United State Department of agriculture, for its employees. The main purpose of the GM Diet has increased the productivity of their workers by making them healthier.GM diet plan and GM wonder soup.

At later on it was found that GM Diet plan and GM wonder soup works very impressively and inherit us with its great results, later on, the loss of 10 to 17 pounds of weed in just a week! Just found it’s wonderful that it worked so awesome and in a dreamy way.

After the great result, the workers find themselves very much increased inefficiency, confidence, self-esteemed and relaxed body with higher energy. GM Diet plan and Wonder Soups really worked well. Millions of people swear by GM Motors not because it is easy to follow but it is effective also.

There is no need to add some expensive addition to a person normal routine. There is no complicated ingredients or greater demands in one’s daily routine. that’s why we recommend GM diet for you.GM Diet plan and Wonder Soups.


GM Diet plan and Wonder Soups 2018 for Heavy Weight loss in 7 days





This diet strictly focuses on tipping on fat less food. The plan only meeting your weekly diet to eating fruits brown rice chicken vegetable. it helps you on consuming only a combination of complex carbohydrates. low calories vegetable and most important water intake foods.

The GM diet plan helps you to achieve a weight loss up to 17 pounds in 7 days.

The GM Diet plan and Wonder Soups can supposedly help you:

  • Lose up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) in just one week
  • Get rid of toxins and impurities in your body with this diet
  • Improve your digestion system and healthy stomach
  • Enhance your body’s ability to burn fat faster


You have to take seven different foods on seven different days. it consists with drinking of 8-12 glasses of water or 4.5-5 liters of water throughout the day to stay hydrated for the whole day

in the whole seven-day plan the exercises are not much.

important but optional. However, the diet recommends against exercise during the first three days.

it also allows you to consume gm wonders soups once in a day. It’s made with cabbage, celery, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.


It’s Eating Time!


  • eat fruits except for bananas, as much as you want
  • no specific limit exists for eating fruits
  • this diet specifically focus on eating of waterable fruits such as cucumber, watermelon

  • cooked and raw form vegetables
  • the diet doesn’t deal with the specific amount
  • use limits of potatoes breakfast only

  • again eat any kind of fruits and vegetables except bananas and potatoes
  • again no specific amount is given

  • eat and drink only bananas and milk
  • eatable up to 6 large and 8 small bananas
  • drink 3-4 glass of milk

  • eat beef, chicken, and fish up to (284 grams)
  • you replace chicken with vegetable rice and brown bread
  • intake of heavy water to make out uric acid from chicken based foods
  • in addition to meat, you can eat 6 tomatoes

  • you have to eat chicken (284 grams)
  • give rest to potatoes
  • today’s meal deals with the unlimited amount of vegetables except bananas and potatoes
  • vegetarian can replace chicken with brown bread and vegetable rice
  • drink excess of water

  • eat only  brown rice, vegetable rice, fruits, fruits juice, and vegetable
  • no limit is given for any of these foods



GM diet Wonder Soup

Soup and GM Diet go hand in hand
GM Diet famous for its quick weight loss about 10 pounds(4.5kg) in a week.
Wonder soup is the big part of a diet plan

The recipe of Wonder soup is very simple and easy to make

Wonder soup ingredients
• 6 Large onions
• 2 Green peppers
• 3 tomatoes
• 1 Cabbage
• 1 Celery bunch
• 2.5 cups of water


Steps to make the Wonder soup

1> Cut up the onions and green pepper and lightly saute(fried quickly) with few drops of olive oil till they turn light brown.

2> Now cut the celery, tomatoes, and cabbage and add Everything to a large bowl with water.

3>Now boil it & cook slow till everything becomes smooth and cooks for the 60minutes.
Now in the last, Add salt, dried spices, and pepper to enhance flavor.
Here’s your yummy and😋 healthy wonder soup is ready.


Advantages of GM Diet
Advantages of GM Diet


GM diet plan and reviews of gm diet plan

  1. Helps slip weight effectively, very nearly 3 to 5 kg in seven days
  2. Supports burning extra calories
  3. Develops digestive system
  4. provide enough of energy
  5. help in maintaining the figure of the body
  6. regain shaping of the body
  7. Maintaining and stay fit and healthy
  8. Helps progress approach and emotional firmness due to its cleansing system


Disadvantages of GM Diet    –should know before starting it

  • A lot of people suffer from a headache in the first two days.
  • Other difficulties like hair fall and dry skin.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women until 6 months after the delivery.
  • Should not be performed during the menstrual period.

The first two side effects can be avoided if you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day as water helps your body from getting hydrated and thus prevents those difficulties like headaches, hair fall, and dry skin.

However, it is always recommended to take the suggestion from your doctor before trying any diet and check whether it will suit you or not.

If you wanted to drop your excess pounds and at the same time improve your digestive system, then you can give the GM diet a try. All the best 🙂

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