Deadpool 2 the funny superhero

Deadpool 2 the funnysuperhero

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heya its vishu again today we are going to discussing our one n all time funny superheroDeadpool 2 the funny superhero with its upcoming movie Deadpool 2

deadpool is back after a huge debut the movie cast less than 60 million  to makeand made  380 million dollarsback , with the exact profit and loved the sequence is coming Deadpool 2 is obvious with its adventure to hits the theatres. Deadpool 2 the funny superhero

Deadpool 2

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after watching deapool there is only one question in everyones mind that when do we get more freaking Deadpool 2

you still have sometime to patientlyt wait but the countdown starts now and it will be releasing on june of 1st. Deadpool 2 the funny superhero

i have something to tells you guys ,some may calls it spoilers that Deadpool 2 is bringing some more x forces characters to the big screens with its upcoming Deadpool 2

here is the trailers




 deadpool’s powers in Deadpool 2 

1.  re-generable ability

2. super strength


4. fluentin multiple language

5.breaking the forth wall

6. bags of holding

7.anti venom


9.appearence manipulation line to death



deadpool is immortal ?

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if you still doubt about the immortality of deadpool then please clear it out yes deadpool is immortal

healing factor

the healing power of deadpool is more greater than wolverine,he can heal more fast , rapidly than wolverine ,if you have seen deadpool 1  than you may have seen that deadpool can create its body parts again as we have seen  with his hand which further grows in baby hands when cutted into two.

secret about deadpool 

deadpool loves death  yeah i know what you are thinking but death is a lady and death loves deadpool too ,thanos hates this love of of deadpool and death he himself have the power to kill the deadpool but if he kills deadpool than deadpool goes to death with he dont want  thats the only reason that sorries deadpol from the anger and fury of thanos


deadpool is a copy of deathstroke ?

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yes deadpool is a copy of deathstroke but in a funniest verion both have same fighting style and weapon carry custome or suit both shades each other but deadpool in a  little in a funny way






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