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Call of Duty: Modern Warface 2 with Xbox Backwards Compatibility

Call of Duty: Modern Warface 2
call of duty modern warfare
call of duty modern warfare 2


Call of Duty Modern Warface 2 with the Xbox Backwards Compatibility


Larry Hryb, Director of Programming Xbox Live, seems to be relaxed right now. Over the past few years — ever since Xbox One backward compatibility was announced — gamers have been continuously asking him questions about when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would be backward compatible.

Hope the food is over in your plates because Hryb just confirmed its availability through the program. Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best Call of Duty games ever made and even to this day.

Definitely, it gonna be the trending one.

The Official announcement amazed us via Major Nelson of Xbox on Tuesday, August 28, with the title going live on the Xbox One on the same day.

Fans have been already suggested title and tags for MW2 as a Backwards Compatible title for years, and will now have the guns in these pants to play the game on the Xbox One.






Data will not change

According to the source, the data and the player’s statistics will remain the same in the Backwards Compatible version of MW2 as they were on the Xbox 360, However, banned account still remained banned

If you have purchased DLC for the BC version in the past then you can also play all MW2 DLC in the BC version.

Basically, the game has been released in 2009 and gained the tremendous amount of fan following.




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