best affiliate marketing programs

By | March 23, 2018

        best affiliate marketing programs

best affiliate marketing programs

today we’ll be discussing about the best affiliate marketing programs ,before that we need to know that what actually affiliate is ? best affiliate marketing programs Affiliate marketing is a arrangement of markets by which an online retailer pays amount as an commission to an external websites  for bringing traffic  or sales generated through its referrals id or in simple words sales generated through its sites all this falls under programs called affiliate ,now simple affiliate is done with the help of ads,or sponsored sales etc best affiliate marketing programs

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best affiliate marketing programs

affiliate marketing 

so what is affiliate marketing ? basically it is a process of promoting someones products through our websites or blogs and getting commission in take .process of affiliate marketing comprises of four types the affiliate websites,the affiliate networks, the advisers and the buyer.many of us finds it difficults but me show with the help of diagram

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affiliate could be me or you or your weird friend that doesnt matter .seriously it’s not that much complicated to built a websites suitable for doing this affiliate process

the affiliate contains a details about that specific products link sold on advertisers’s website via a special kind  of link knowns as an affiliate link

best affiliate marketing programs

the advertiser?

this could be any business which sells their products could be anyone means anyone

like mark zuckerberg ,bill gates,or john lewis of amazon etc it could be anyone

the affiliate networks ?

with the help of affiliate link when someone clicks on that link automatically drawn to an direct page of product buying .with that affiliate link all this is possible it is an affectively glue which makes affiliate marketing possible ,and commission to us is also possible through that link.

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affiliate program business basic payment methods per sale)

popular among all the affiliate programs,the actual purchase from our affiliate link

counts in this . per click)

under this affiliate marketers will get fixed rates depends upon the numbers of clients

here purchase is not important to earn commission (cost per lead)

here payment is done by how much visitors are sent that websites through that affiliate link


websites for affiliate marketing

ther are numbers of websites which provides us affiliate service listed as follows;-

click bank

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amazon associates

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commission junction

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Image result for flipkart



you can join with their affiliate programs easily and these are the highpaying

affiliate websites .












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